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Eliza Space BayBay Music Video

Our campers are truly talented.  Check out Eliza's new single "Space BayBay" that was recorded during her week in our Music Recording program at Woodward Camp in PA.

Music Recording Studio at Woodward Camp

Music director Chris Rattie takes us behind the scenes of a week in Woodward's Music Recording camp.   Dive into the week of two campers Danny Arvai and Riley Lowell as they look to sync together on a song.

Byond The Gear Asher Bradshaw Ty EvansOur friends at Small HD sit down with Guest Digital Media Instructor Ty Evans to discuss a recent shoot with young gun Asher Bradshaw at Woodward Camp.  Asher is on a journey chasing the elusive 1260 at such a young age.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the story.

Lily Schlesinger 4

Traveling back in time a few weeks as we revisit our week six camper's photos.  Each week campers of varying knowledge visit us for the Woodward Digital Media Program for photography.  Instruction is catered to each camper with an added focus on the images the campers would like to shoot.  Check out each camper's favorite images from the week inside.

Beyond The Gear with Ty Evans

Our friends at SmallHD take us "Beyond The Gear" to tell the story of how professional videographer Ty Evans came to Woodward's Digital Media Camp and why he keeps coming back year after year.  Check this one out!

Week 4 Thumbnail - Camper Photos Gallery

Week 4 was home to a batch of campers in our photography that were eager to learn.  Photo instructor Tristan Afre jumped into camera settings, off camera lighting, long exposures, etc.   It looks like these campers soaked it up because the images they created are amazing!   Check out each campers top 10 images from Week 4 and a series of "Behind the Scene" photos shot by their photo instructor Tristan.

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