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Madd Gear is offering up the "Trip of a Lifetime" to one lucky winner and that winner could be YOU.  Entering is easy and all you need to do is vote.  

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The new and improved Cage is well underway.  The Team Pain Skateparks crew has been putting in some tireless days while dodging raindrops here at Woodward PA.  There's a lot of prep work that goes into getting things mapped out before the team can start digging out corners, weaving rebar and putting coping into place.  However, The Cage is starting to take shape and we wanted to share it with all of you.  Enjoy some of the photos below and find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat for new updates.

CheerGirls Blog

Introducing Woodward Cheer Girls - Season 1: 15 year olds Amy Damante and Cameron Cameron Van Deusen are literally obsessed with cheerleading. They cheer and compete on a team called the Lady Jags in Miami, Florida. Cheerleading is a lot of fun, but it takes a serious amount of hard work and dedication. For these girls, cheer isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

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Here at Woodward, we've always strived to bring you the best facilities possible.  Year after year we take the feedback from our campers, staff and visiting pros and try to put those ideas into rideable form.  This spring we made the bold move to tear down The Cage, a ground breaking contest venue skatepark when it was built back in 1998.  It's always hard to remove something that has been such a huge part of Woodward but we are so excited to share with you what we're working on.   We've teamed up with Team Pain Skateparks to bring you a park that we hope will live up to your expectations and continue to define action sports in the same manor The Cage has done.   Welcome to The Cage 2.0.


We are so excited to announce that the Mongoose Jam will return to Woodward PA for Week 10 (August 6 - 12) in 2017, but what does that mean for YOU the camper? More pros, and insane level of riding and a BMX camp experience that will be unmatched anywhere else in the world. There will be hammers being dropped everywhere you look with Mongoose Jam team captains Greg Illingworth, Pat Casey, Kevin Peraza, Paul Ryan and Ben Wallace all being able to hand pick their team of additional pros. Don't miss your chance to witness the biggest week in BMX first hand. Space will go fast.


In Episode 3 we meet LA based street skater, Berronte Ramirez. Recently added to the DC shoes amateur skate team, Berronte is also sponsored by Primitive Skateboards, an elite skate team owned by skate superstar Paul Rodriquez. Berronte recently released his first video part with Transworld Skateboarding in 2016.

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