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Our friends from Mongoose Bikes brought the Mongoose Jam back to Woodward PA for 2017.  The last time the contest was hosted here was a bit more of a standard contest with jam sessions throughout camp.  This year each Mongoose team member picked their team to square off in a week long video edit contest.  We knew we were about to see some of the best BMX riding we've ever seen at camp but i still don't think we expected to see all the crazy stuff that went down!   Check out all the videos inside.


It's hard to believe we are in our second to last week of the 2017 summer already and while Week 11 may have a few less kids as parents are starting to gear up for the school year we can tell this is going to be an amazing week. 


Our staff were out and about Week 10 snapping away and capturing some behind the scene images from our Cheer and Gymnastics programs throughout the week. 


Week 10 was an amazing week that featured three amazing Olympic guests, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian and Houry Gebeshian.  A special week that is surely never to be forgotten.  Check out some snapshots of our Week 10 instruction groups and visiting teams on our Smugmug account.  


There's a special bond that takes place when children embard on a summer camp experience.   The counselors will be remembered forever and the stories told at night will create friendships that last a lifetime.  We are truly honored that so many campers are able to come to camp and enjoy these special weeks with us.   Here's to another week of summer and new friends.  


Digital Media Interns Caroline Hoffman and Tara Damante spent a good amount of time last week hanging out with the girls of action sports here at Woodward Camp.  Together they created a series of images and a short write up that documented their week.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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