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HeaderAfter a week of rain in Central Pennsylvania, the sun has finally decided to show it's much needed face. With only four weeks until Week 1 of camp, The Cage is certainly starting to take shape. The smooth transitions and perfectly set coping of Woodward's largest build since The Plaza are the things that dreams are made of.  Imagining countless lines, transfers and summer sessions under the lights are a daily tease for our staff as we go through the lengthy process of getting camp cleaned up for our campers to roll down the driveway. The deep end has been lined with tile and is being capped with pool coping. We can almost hear the sounds of grinding as they add each section.  While there is still a lot of open area to be poured, we are told that the flat sections will take a fraction of the time to finish in comparison to what's already in place. That's perfect news for dreamers like us!



Check out a few pictures from today below.

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