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thumb_wk12_inl_jimmy_hake_wwph_2011_jrb_002-Edit-EditSometimes the easiest of tricks on cool obstacles can look cool.  Check out this photo of Jimmy Hake's fishy stall on the drop in ramp in The School.  Click read more to see a bigger photo inside.  Photo by Jeff Brockmeyer.

JimmyCisz-Bio-3Talking Jimmy into tricks he doesn't do is never easy, but i somehow managed to pull it off today on one out of four photos i wanted to take.   It took him a few tries, but after a bit he landed this big Bio 540 over the flowerbed gap into the rock.  Enjoy the pic.
thumb_Inline-6I was able to get out and snap some photos of the inline staff and a couple visitors that showed up yesterday.  Check out some pictures of Jimmy Cisz, Ace Keifer, and Dustin Watson rolling around yesterday afternoon.  I hope you enjoy them.
Screen_shot_2011-08-22_at_3.12.13_PMLast week was a pretty amazing week for the inline campers here at Woodward, PA.   With so many great tricks that went down, i knew it wouldn't be long before we saw video edits pop up on youtube and various other channels.   Check this one out.
thumb_IMG_3438Sam DeAngelis, an Inline staff member and avid photographer was at camp recently and was nice enough to share some shots that he had taken while he was here.  Check inside for a bunch of photos, some of staff, pros, and campers.  
thumb_Screen_shot_2011-08-18_at_9.12.49_AMThere has been quite a bit of clips gathered this summer on the inline side of things so i thought i would throw together this little teaser for everyone.   Check it out. 
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