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Our Skateboard Program is second to None!


Designed by our staff and pros, our skate program focuses on skills, balance and style. After the daily mandatory group instruction sessions, attention is turned toward skaters individual tricks. At this point instructors are stationed throughout the vast complex.



Daily Instruction is not only educational but also fun when done the "Woodward Way."  Upon arrival to camp our skateboard staff will over see a testing period where you will be placed into instruction groups based on your age and ability level. Two and a half hours a day will be spent with some of the best Skateboarding Staff from around the country, navigating the vast complex and working on improving your skating.

Games, Contests and Awards

The week will be litered with various instructional games and contests like the Softruck Challenge, Hippy Hop, Game of S-K-A-T-E, Street Contest, Mini Ramp Contests, as well as more extensive contests like the Street League Showdown and Red Bull Manny Mania Mondays.  Take your shot at winning some really great prizes from our sponsors and the worlds top skateboard companies.



The standard for Camp Woodward facilities has always and will continue to be held at the highest level. Our campus is constantly changing and evolving with the feedback from the people that know best, our professionals, staff, and campers. Camp provides skateboarders of any level endless lines and obstacles to session.


Camp Woodward has become a home away from home for many of the worlds best professional skateboarders.  You will be able to live the Camp Woodward life in stride with the same skaters you see on the TV and magazines.

Previous Skateboard Pros Include:

Paul Rodriguez, Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Tony Hawk, Shane O'Neill, Ishod Wair, Miles Silvas, Ryan Gallant, Justin Brock, David Loy, Robbie Brockel, Kerry Getz, Bob Burnquist, Mike Frazier, Pat Channita, Bam Margera, Nick Dompierre, Mikey Taylor, Billy Marks, Chris Haslam, Jamie Thomas, Mike Mo Capaldi, Sean Malto, Jon Allie, Peter Ramondetta, Kevin Taylor, Pete Eldridge, Enrique Lorenzo, Sierra Fellers, Corey Duffel, Ben Gilley, Peter Watkins, Dan Plunkett, Chad Knight, Jon Goemann, Sean Eaton, Matt Ball, Kevin Coakley, Danny Supa, Anthony Furlong, Anthony Shetler, Andy Macdonald, Matt Pailes, Matt Bennett,Johnny Layton, Gareth Stehr, Ron Deily, Eric Koston, Colt Cannon, Kris Markovich, Willy Santos, Steve Berra, Bucky Lasek, Colin Mckay, Austin Stephens, Mike Vallely, Shaun White, PJ Ladd, Heath Kirchart, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Caswell Berry, Cooper Wilt, Joey Pepper, Brandon Beibel, Kenny Hoyle, Tom Asta, Jaws,

2017 Scheduled Visiting Pros

** Our 2017 Special Guests and Visiting Pros will be announced as soon as we confirm them. **


While the amazing skate facilities will be available to you for more then 12 hours a day, we know from experience that you won't be able to skate all day, everyday. Camp Woodward is much more then a bunch of skateparks. There is always different recreational activities going on around camp including Paintball, Go-Kart racing, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Ropes Course, Recording Studio, Camp Fires, Arts and Crafts, daily games, and much much more. Check out our "activities" page to see what other activities we offer.



Woodward Discounts

DeducT $100.00 for each additional session enrolled

Deduct $100.00 for Each Additional Sibling Enrolled

Week #1 June 4 - June 10

Week #1: June 4 - June 10 - $1099.00


Week #2 June 11 - June 17

WEEK #2: June 11 - June 17 - $1249.00


WEEK #3 June 18 - June 24

WEEK #3: June 18 - June 24 - $1369.00


WEEK #4 June 25 - July 1

WEEK #4: June 25 - July 1 - $1399.00


WEEK #5 July 2 - July 8

WEEK #5: July 2 - July 8 - $1399.00


Sale: Spend 4th of July with us and save $200.00 when registering today.

WEEK #6 July 9 - July 15

WEEk #6: July 9 - July 15 - $1449.00


WEEK #7 July 16 - July 22

WEEK #7: July 16 - July 22 - $1449.00


WEEK #8 July 23 - July 29

WEEK #8: July 23 - July 29 - $1449.00


WEEK #9 July 30 - August 5

WEEK #9: July 30 - August 5 - $1399.00


GIRLS RULE WEEK:  Special programming and staff for female campers.  Learn more by clicking here.  (Note: Males are still welcome Week 9)

WEEK #10 August 6 - August 12

WEEK #10: August 6 - August 12 - $1399.00


WEEK #11 August 13 - August 19

WEEK #11: August 13 - August 19 - $1399.00


WEEK #12 August 20 - August 26

WEEK #12: August 20 - August 26 - $1199.00


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