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Woodward Video Production Camp is a hands on educational fun summer camp experience.  Filmmakers will be surrounded by the best action sports, cheer, and gymnastics athletes in the world.  This weeklong program gives you the opportunity to build your filmmaking skills and knowledge from any experience level. Our instructors are here to help guide you in your vision by exposing you to creative tools and techniques and take your production to the next level.  Our program is catered for all experience levels offering top notch instruction to videographers with years of experience as well as working with complete beginners who are still learning the functions of their camera.  Let Woodward Digital Media Camps take your productions to the next level! 




Instruction is based on your individual needs and ability as a filmmaker.  We will review each campers understanding of their equipment and knowledge of production and post production on the day of arrival.  During your week at camp we will introduce basic to advanced skills in both shooting and post production as well as covering consumer and professional equipment.

Daily workshops are designed to give you insight into how tools such as tripods, dollies, sliders, lenses, drones, and production software can open your mind and to new concepts.

When it comes time to edit our instructors will guide you through your choice of Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut X on Apple iMac computers.  You will also have access to Adobe After Effects and the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite to bring your concept to fruition.

Whether your weekly project is an action sports edit, music video, camp pranks, a horror flick, or instagram content our staff has you covered from planning through the premiere in our end of week arts festival.


Camp Woodward just might be the best backdrop in the world for your creative expression.  Our 5,000 square foot Digital Media Studio includes 13 foot tall ceilings, 20x20 ft all black modifiable studio space, green screen studio, a hair and makeup station, top notch lighting systems, audio gear and an Apple iMac computer lab with over 25 computers loaded with Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut X. We have shot automobiles, musiic videos, fashion, parkour athletes, miniature set scenes, interviews, trick tips, war scenes, stop motion animation comedy skits, hip hop/ballet dancers and more.  Come with your creativity and  transform the facility into your own vision. 

Arts Festival

The DMC Arts Festival is the grand finale to the Digital Media Camp Experience.  A red carpet ceremony with popcorn, refreshments, certificates of completion, as well as camper of the week  and TAP awards are presented during the week end festival. Photo campers display their top 10 images from their week in a digital photo gallery for all attendees to view.  Video campers will premier their 1-3 minute videos on our big screen in a theatre setting with all their friends, fans, Woodward staff and pros present. Music recording campers can perform their newly recorded song or be showcased in a weekly recap video made from the music campers.

Visiting Guests

Woodward's Digital Media Camp puts you face to face with the very people who shoot your favorite action sports videos, shoot your favorite photos, and design your favorite ads. These videographers, photographers, and music artists are here to help you improve your media skills. Be sure to check out the list of past year digital media visiting guests and confirmed guests for the up and coming year.


** Our 2017 Special Guests and Visiting Pros will continue to be announced as soon as we confirm them. **


WEEK #3 (June 18 - June 24)

WEEk #3: Justin Kosman

WEEK #6 (July 9 - July 15)

WEEk #6: Jamie Mosberg

WEEK #7 (July 16 - July 22)

WEEk #7: Jamie Mosberg

WEEK #8 (July 23 - July 29)


WEEK #9 (July 30 - Aug 5)

WEEk #9: Jacob Messex

WEEK #10 (Aug 6 - 12)

WEEK #10: Chris Chann


What to bring

Video Camera, Tri-pod, Batteries (we recommend 2), Charger, Appropriate camera to computer connector cables, and camera bag.

If you ride a bike, skateboard, or inline bring the equipment for your sport of choice and all pads. (helmet, elbow and knee pads)

Equipment we provide:

IMac Computers, After Effects CC,  Adobe Premiere,  Final Cut X, multi color video backdrops, GoPro cameras, Cam Caddie handles, jib arms, sliders. dollies, light panels, and access to lenses with instructor assistance.


Best of Both Worlds

Digital Media Campers get the best of both worlds here at Camp Woodward.  While you will spend a good amount of time shooting, editing, recording, etc, the action sports facilities and events will be open and available for you.  You will have plenty of time to spend on the sport of your choice when you are not working within your digital media program! 


While the amazing riding facilities will be available to you for more then 12 hours a day, we know from experience that you won't be able to ride all day, everyday.   Camp Woodward is much more then a bunch of skateparks.  There is always different recreational activities going on around camp including Paintball, Go-Kart racing, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Ropes Course, Recording Studio, Camp Fires, Arts and Crafts, daily games, and much much more.   Check out our "activities" page to see what other activities we offer.



Woodward Discounts

DeducT $100.00 for each additional session enrolled

Deduct $100.00 for Each Additional Sibling Enrolled

Week #1 June 4 - June 10 - $1249.00

Week #1: June 4 - June 10 - $1249.00


Week #2 June 11 - June 17 - $1399.00

WEEK #2: June 11 - June 17 - $1399.00


WEEK #3 June 18 - June 24 - $1519.00

WEEK #3: June 18 - June 24 - $1519.00


WEEK #4 June 25 - July 1 - $1549.00

WEEK #4: June 25 - July 1 - $1549.00


WEEK #5 July 2 - July 8 - $1549.00

WEEK #5: July 2 - July 8 - $1549.00


WEEK #6 July 9 - July 15 - $1599.00

WEEk #6: July 9 - July 15 - $1599.00


WEEK #7 July 16 - July 22 - $1599.00

WEEK #7: July 16 - July 22 - $1599.00


WEEK #8 July 23 - July 29 - $1599.00

WEEK #8: July 23 - July 29 - $1599.00


WEEK #9 July 30 - Aug 5 - $1549.00

WEEK #9: July 30 - August 5 - $1549.00


WEEK #10 Aug 6 - Aug 12 - $1549.00

WEEK #10: August 6 - August 12 - $1549.00


WEEK #11 Aug 13 - Aug 19 - $1549.00

WEEK #11: August 13 - August 19 - $1549.00


WEEK #12 Aug 20 - Aug 26 - $1349.00

WEEK #12: August 20 - August 26 - $1349.00


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