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Jamie Bestwick, Douglas Leite de Oliveira,Vince Byron, and Jorge Jovel were kind enough to throw a vert demo here at the Cloud Nine Vert Ramp. These guys are no joke when talking about catching some air. Check out the session with the heavy hitters of Woodward as they put on a vert demo for the PA Camp.Sometimes after a long week of ensuring campers are having an awesome time you just need to sit down, relax, and watch Peter Bezek and Will Sickels do what every camper loves to see them do... SHRED. Peter and Will both take a break from being awesome directors to put in some r&r on their boards, RESTING and RIPPING. Watch The Full Edit Here: Edited by Nick Tredinnick Filmed By: Nick Tredinnick. Matt Henry, Jordan Huffman.

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