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Some of the memorable tricks and slams, and all around good times from the 2014 summer at Camp Woodward in the Snowboard & Freeski program. The kids got to work on new tricks, hang with visiting pros Benji Farrow, Jake Black, Kaitlyn Farrington, and Brett Esser. Definitely a summer to remember. 

Video by: Ryan Lecours

Take a journey into the dry land snowboard and free ski camp here at Woodward.   While we don't have any snow, we have some really cool ways to help you learn new skills for when that white fluffy stuff falls.

Filmed and Edited by Mitch Jacki

thumb_Chad_Otterstrom_wk8_snw_tramp_boards_2012__JRB_0093Snowboard heavy hitter Chad Otterstrom spent some time here recently at Camp Woodward.   Having fun in the gyms and helping our snowboard campers with their awareness and having an all around good time.  Jeff Brockmeyer was able to catch up with Chad in the gym as he was playing around on the tramp boards.   Check out some of the photos inside, including a shot of Jeff getting down himself.
Benji_Farrow_wk5_snw_tramps_2012_JRB_039Woodward, PA is also home to a dryland snowboard and freeski camp,  The camp is based on ariel awareness where the use of foam boards and park boards are helpful in taking your tricks to the next level when the snow finally hits the ground.  Check out some photos of the guys in the gym playing on the foam boards.

The GoPro Lab offers all of our campers a chance to borrow a camera and capture their "Woodward Experience" in an amazing light.   After they are done filming, campers can come back to the GoPro Lab and learn some editing tips from our staff.   Check out this cool video made by Llewellyn Evans while he was here at camp.

thumb_wk8_snw_elijah_teter_wwph_2011_jrb_046-EditElijah Teter is a professional snowboarder from quite possibly one of the most accomplished snowboard families ever.  Elijah grew up in vermont snowboarding quickly became his passion and he is now here at Camp Woodward sharing that passion with all of the other snowboarders that are on hand here.  Check out some photos of Elijah using the ParkBoard™ snowboards on the Woodward Mega Airbag.

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